Keep virtual audiences engaged

Make memorable digital experiences

APpix anywhere is an app that

Creates Live Synchronized Experiences

Create seamless experiences to keep your audience engaged during virtual presentations.

Monetizes Advertising

Allow advertisers to push ads to your virtual audience through your immersive mobile experiences.

Does Not Require Users to Signup

Eliminates friction by allowing users to enter the digital event without signing up.

We provide in home experiences for

APPIX can be used for

A new to way to monetize and create immersive experiences for live or virtual events

       Full screen luminaire lighting effects
       Synchronized audience wide flash control
       Sharing of the live concert program and set list
       Enhanced production visuals
       Real-time lyrics and song download links

       Distribution of conference schedules and program information
       Posting of breakout session timetable and venue locations
       Speaker biographies and links to published materials
       Media rich presentation content
       Call outs to upcoming events
       Extracurricular company meetups

       Ease the process of donating by sharing forms directly
       Real-time statistics with regular donation milestones
       Highlight the cause by sending additional details
       Luminaire, audio, video, and flash opportunities when key donation milestones are hit

       Live, up-to-date, and interactive ceremony program guide
       Celebrate individual winners with bio or career highlights
       Countdowns to reveals and honorary awards
       ‘Confetti’ moments and celebration

       Player bios and statistics
       Luminaire, flash, audio, video at key moments in the game
       Countdowns to event starts and stops
       Links to online store and merchandise opportunitie

●      Announcements with add to calendar links and volunteer sign-ups
     Real-time lyrics and song download link
       Tithe and Offering calls to action with click-and-pay opportunities
       Media rich sermon content
       Crisis line information and connections to professional guidance

Virtual Events

Case Study

See how we provide experiences straight from a customer's perspective.
Event safety alliance

national convention

At the Event Safety Alliance, APPIX was tasked with keeping all attendees up-to-date with the cross campus, multi-venue conference scheduling, as well as ensuring the event was equipped and ready to handle campus communications in the event of a real emergency situation.
Los Angeles Philharmonic

LA Phil

Los Angeles Philharmonic celebrated their 100th season with a free, star-studded concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Working closely with the LA Phil, APPIX deployed brilliant and emotive lighting effects, timed to the music, from audience smartphone displays and flashes.
LA Phil

Cejudo vs dillashaw

Working with the UFC, APPIX utilizes the UFC Fightmetric API to deliver live stats from the fights to our control system. Our technology then pushes information to the audience via our patent pending technology. Only the most relevant statistics are delivered in a way that tells the story of the fight, all in real-time.
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What clients are saying

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“Integrating the Appix product into our shows has taken our guest experience to the next level! The team was great to work and integrate with and the execution of the effects couldn’t have been more spectacular!”
John Kinsner
Black Ink Presents
“APPIX added a truly unique and engaging element for Disney Concerts Coco Experience which really brought the audience into the show as active participants. The technology was user friendly and easy to implement.”
Brian Furman
Producer at August Jackson Company


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