Enjoy Red Bull Motorcross with APPIX

A fun interactive software that streams live event information straight to your phone.


a ticket to the front row

A new to way to monetize and create immersive experiences for live or virtual experiences

Get Exclusive Discounts

Through APPIX you will be sent a special offer to redeem for merchandise

Live Event Data

Enjoy learning facts and figures about your favourite rider throughout the event.

No Signup Required for Attendees

Our APPIX app download is always free and never requires a signup. Simply, search for your event, and jump right in!

A peek into our last red bull event

Take a look at our tool for Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2019
Red Bull Iphone screen

Keep Track of Your Favorite Riders

At Straight Rhythm 2019 we kept live charts for contestants that allowed you to follow along with your favorite riders!

Current Race Times

Once APPIX is downloaded we can stream the most current race times straight to your phone.

Event Safety Features

Get notifications from the Red Bull team in case of emergencies.

Be apart of the show

in 3 Simple Steps

Download APPIX

Find our app in the app store or on google play and download it.

Enter the Event in APPIX

Once you download it, wait for the content pack to download then enter your event.

Sit Back and Relax

Sit back and relax as we stream the data right to you. There are no bad seats at this event!

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